Scoop 8: Ordinary People

We are sitting huddled around the fire in a house in Melkbosstrand. Me and my fellow actors. We are staying in the house of the director of the production “A Seder Val in Waterkloof”. There are two weeks left before we leave for Nelspruit for the Innie Bos festival. Its raining and cold and the warm fire and sherry warms up the bones after a long day in the freezing cold rehearsal room. I am at word. My fellow actors are tucked away under blankets listening to my tales of the Lollipop Lounge, the girls, my team, my strange, strange world. Scoop 8: Ordinary People

Scoop 7:Banged up abroad

GigiIt’s 10 o’clock on a Friday night and the Lollipop Lounge is abuzz with ex­citement. A bachelor in a nun outfit has just plunked his drink on my table. “Please keep an eye on this”, he mumbles as he stumbles towards the men’s toilets. My head bouncer kneels next to my table. “A good client, boss, is falling all over the other clients. He cannot possibly drive home in his condition. I recommend we phone a taxi to get him home.” Scoop 7:Banged up abroad