The Club

What makes the Lollipop Lounge special …

  • South African Girls
  • The best fillet steak in the North
  • A cosy, warm atmosphere
  • The best music (and you can still keep a conversation going without shouting)
  • Two stages with dancers so beautiful the customers tour from the one section to the other to catch all the action
  • Rent GiGi’s branding iron and brand your friend’s rear end. This branding iron has been used in thousands of shows
  • Beautiful waitresses, bar ladies and the best management team
  • The best place to make a function unforgettable

We provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a distinct South African flavour. Here customers come First!

Bachelor and Birthday Boys are spoilt rotten!

View GiGi’s unique display as you enter the club. It might bring back memories!!

The Lollipop Lounge