Scoop 9: A 29-year old strip club virgin

It was our year end function on Thursday night. The end of the year at theLollipop Lounge was met with double standards. On the one side I will be relieved of the late nights. The ever flowing stream of invoices that always needs to be paid. The endless listening to all the stories and drama that only women working closely together can create.  The overload of admin as the salaries and bonuses were paid. From my side the end of the year meant rest and switch off. For many of my employees it means their way of making a  living stopped dead in its tracks for 3 weeks. For my floor staff it meant family time. They will be traveling far to get to the ones they love and by the first week of January they will take the route back to the Lollipop Lounge. Hopefully rejuvenated, ready to tackle the bulls by the horns.

But back to our year end-party. We crowned the Best Waitress of 2011, the most Promising Young Dancer and Miss Personality. And then the announcement everyone was waiting for. The Top Show girl of the year…. LoLa.
I am so glad for Lola . We have come a long way. In the beginning of my career I was doing endless competitions and one of these events was called Miss Golden G-string at a club called Monroe’s in Sunnyside Pretoria. The clubs used to phone my agent to book exotic dancers for these competitions to tease and lure “normal girls” from the audience to take part in the raunchy happenings on stage. LoLa was a tall teenager with long, long legs and blonde locks that fell to her waist. She was angelic. She entered the competition and that was the birth of a true showgirl. I was so proud on Thursday night. She deserved all the praise.

The Lollipop Lounge was packed. We entertained our suppliers, our bookkeepers, our loyal customers and through all the jollification a brunette with a strong English accent rubbed up against me. “I am a 29 year old strip club virgin” she piped. “I love the atmosphere, the girls are so gorgeous. This is my first strip club visit ever and it’s the most exciting evening ever.” I looked at her in amazement. “Your first time ever?”  “Yes, but not my last! “She swayed her hips suggestively as she turned her back on me.  I smiled. We must be doing something right.

One of my customers came past. Hugged me and whispered…”This has been one of my most difficult years ever. The Lollipop Lounge was my lifesaver.” Yes it’s been a long tough year. The neon signs on the roof caught alight one freezing cold night middle of June at 5h00  in the morning and I raced towards the club. I arrived and stood in amazement as the firemen already on the roof put out the electric fire.  We were lucky. My security guard got rewarded for his swift response. We must count our blessings.

Have a great festive season and may 2012 be the best year ever!!