So you think you can Poledance? Finals, 15 December.

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The competition of 2012 was a great event for all of us. But it had to come to an end eventually and we had to crown our winners. Everyone had their favorites and we would have loved to have given everyone a trophy, but we could only choose two.

Our winner and Ms Poledance 2012 was no other then the amazing Lola. However we have to mention our other finalists, Paris, Ivy, Minina, Henriette and Thea. We can only hope they all join in next year along with all the other beautiful girls that want to make their fantasy’s come to lifeĀ  on the stage.

Our other winner of the evening andĀ  Mr Poledance 2012, was the astounding Themba, a local here at the Lollipop Lounge, he showed that he paid attention to everything on stage and made good use of it. As he choreographed a new show for every evening. I’m sure all the guys could get more then a few helpful pointers from this amazing man.

Until next year,

Xx GiGi.