Sqweel review with Robyn

You can imagine my excitement when I was given the Sqweel to try out – I was certain that this could potentially become every women’s new best friend! I couldn’t wait to get home.

When the time finally came, my body did not need any coaxing at all, it was ready for my new enticing experience.

I lay down and got straight to work. Tiny battery operated latex tongue’s started giving me a tickling sensation straight away and I closed my eyes in order to drift off into my fantasyland.

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It was teasing sensation that every women has felt at the beginning of soft foreplay – the kind that we want to last for hours on end…………………and then it died. DAMMIT.

I think this is the type of toy is supposed to be used to get you wet and as I was already there, it was a bit of a disappointment for me.

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It will definitely get you in the mood with it being so soft and gentle, but it is not a good substitution!

My suggestion is for ladies who are new to toys, to start with this one.

Be advised though, this toy is loud enough to wake the entire street therefore it should not be used if looking for discretion.

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