We Vibe Thrill review with Gigi

So there I was clutching the shiny, pink, seamless, latex toy between my legs. I took its handle and found a comfortable position. I pressed the button and felt a long slow pulse. I felt my clitoris swelling. I pressed again. This time short pulses. My senses were in erotic mode. The next pulse that I chose was like a Tango, long, long, followed by two short pulses. I was playing, floating, giving myself over to my fantasies. I was in control and my body was responding to every pulse. Now let me tell you, I love a man’s dick. I love watching my lover’s reaction as I tease his dick, my tongue dancing up and down his shaft, with his face in a warm glow and a soft moan as I take his whole manhood in my mouth. But here on a Monday afternoon with only my We Vibe Thrill it just felt downright wicked. I threw my head back as I came. A volcano erupted. Hot lava ran down the tip of the We Vibe. I drew a bath and took my We Vibe Thrill with. It’s 100% waterproof. Again I groaned at the pleasure between my legs. The sound is discreet under the water. The pace, the pressure and the 8 positions makes this a woman’s darling. It’s rechargeable and by simple charging it for 90 minutes (and plugging it into the computer via USB) it can give you two hours of pleasure.

I smiled as I packed away my new friend. I looked at the packaging, and knew that I had found a perfect present for my friend Olga who is having her birthday next month.

A thrill! Oh Yes! Go and get one today girls!

We Vibe Thrill

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